Bus and Taxi Station


There is a main bus and taxi station in Cameron Highlands which is located in the town of Tanah Rata. Known as the Bus Terminal Freesia, this is the best place to go for travelers who are coming in and out of Cameron Highlands as there all types the express buses travelling to and from major towns and cities here before embarking again to other destinations.

There are several bus companies operating here which can be taken for intercity travel or within Cameron Highlands. Among the express buses here are Kurnia Bistari, GT Express, CS Travel and Unititi Express which offer different routes at their respective prices and rates.

Taxi Station in Tanah Rata

The Freesia Bus Terminal is a 3-storey building which was opened in 2005 where the bus terminal operates at the main floor while there is a taxi stand at the ground floor. Travelling using these modes can be quite challenging where you must take note of the timetable of the bus services and be there early in case of last minute changes.

It must be noted that taking taxis from any locations around Cameron Highlands can be quite challenging as well in which pickup should be arranged prior to travelling. However, visitors can always come by to the Bus Terminal where the main taxi stand is and hail a cab from there. Besides that, there is another taxi stand located in Brinchang town where you can flag one to get to your intended destination.

For those who would like to try the bus services here can do so by taking the hourly bus services between Tanah Rata and Brinchang. The buses usually come around the half hour marks which will cost around RM1.50 per trip. Taxi fares between the towns meanwhile can be quite erratic which starts from around RM6 per trip and could be more expensive during peak hours.