Golf in Cameron Highlands


Playing golf is a truly enjoyable activity especially among the pristine and cooling weather of Cameron Highlands. It is here that the Cameron Highlands Golf Club is located amidst the lush and green forests along the slopes that make Cameron Highlands a top tourist destination in Malaysia.

Golfing in Cameron Highlands is one of the most popular activities here where you can indulge in the game while family members can head out to the attractions located around the highlands like flower and vegetable farms, tea plantations, bee farms and many others.

One of the top Golf Courses in Malaysia

The Cameron Highlands Golf Club is among the most prominent clubs in the country where it is located in Tanah Rata, not far from the town center. This public golf course offers an 18-hole championship course which offers a complete range of facilities and services for everyone. It is actually one of the oldest golf clubs in the country which has been around since the 1930s.

The clubhouse here is one of the ideal places to relax and refresh after a game of golf where you can enjoy the best tea produced from the plantations here with an amazing view overlooking the golf course and the surroundings. Besides that, there are other facilities here like tennis and badminton courts for other recreation activities as well which makes this place an ideal destination for families. Besides that, the Cameron Highlands Golf Club is a great place to go for those who would like to escape the traffic jams around the town areas of Cameron.

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Golf in Cameron Highlands