KFC and Marrybrown


There will never be short of choices and varieties of food when it comes to Cameron Highlands. This is because you can find all types of local delicacies and dishes around here. It would be best to take some time in enjoying the sights and sounds of Cameron Highlands and enjoy all the different types of food here.

However, for those who prefer to pack and go or go for something more familiar, there are fast food restaurants here as well. Located in the heart of Brinchang town is a KFC branch which can be easily spotted through its standard red and white signage. Colonel Sanders’ will welcome the fried chicken lover where you can see this chain as you are approaching the town centre.

Meanwhile, if you prefer a fast food menu closer to the local taste, you can go towards Tanah Rata where there is a Marrybrown there. This outlet is located around the main road of Tanah Rata in Jalan Besar where you can enjoy a wide variety of fried chicken and other western dishes. Besides that, Marrybrown has chicken and fish burgers, the children’s favourite French fries, meals for kids, desserts and ice-cream and their very own nasi ayam MB and other rice servings.