Pasar malam in Cameron Highlands


The Pasar Malam or Night Market is perhaps one of the most iconic attractions in Cameron Highlands. After all, a visit to this highland town will not be complete without trying all the local delicacies and experiencing the fresh produce of this place and the night market would be the perfect place to go especially if you want to find the best of everything in one location.

Known to some as the Brinchang Night Market, it is where the night comes alive here which is a common place to go by the locals, visitors and foreigners. The Cameron Night Market is located along the main road of Brinchang town where the stalls here have already grown in size and population since it started. As such, the market usually causes a massive traffic jam especially when the sun starts to set around the town.

Finding a parking space might be a challenge but once you found a space, the walk can be very refreshing. At the Cameron Pasar Malam, you can find all types of vegetables and fruits which are fresh from the farms while those who come here for the souvenirs and other items can find them at a bargain here.

One should try the Apam Balik here which is one of the most popular local snacks and eat as you walk along. Besides that, there are the strawberries which are fresh and nicely packed in transparent boxes. If you like to bring some home, you can buy the strawberry jam or snacks while the honey produce are quite popular here as well.

For the lovebirds, nothing beats buying a bouquet of fresh flowers for your loved ones which are freshly plucked from the plantations and farms around here which are a lot cheaper and fresher than any other places around the country.