Property Investment


Ever thought of buying a Crown Imperial Apartment unit? Here are some tips:

With years of experience in the building and construction industry, the developer draws its expertise to build this new landmark in Cameron Highlands. Using only the best and imported material from all parts of the country, you can rest assure that your apartment unit is completed and built with the best quality and standards.

Best apartment in Cameron Highlands

With new housing options springing up in Cameron Highlands due to its nice cooling weather, the Crown Imperial Court apartments would be one of your most ideal choices around. You need not have to wait long to move in because the keys have since been handed over to its rightful owners and the CF (Certificate of Fitness) is being handed to individual lot owners.

Affordable and not overpriced

There are many types of apartments here in Crown Imperial Court apartments and you can choose from a wide range of choices. Prices starts from RM380k which makes it affordable and not too overly price. Whether it is for investment, as a vacation home or for your family, Crown Imperial Court gives you the ideal opportunity to own one of the most promising and prestigious piece of property in Cameron Highlands.

There are basically 4 blocks of apartments here where Block A is the most prominent and exclusive block. This is where the apartment faces the front entrance, giving you the best and most convenient access to the surrounding amenities. However, this do not mean that the other 3 blocks are less exclusive. The difference is that they are situated on the rear but is as easily accessible as Block A and they are mostly with greenery and golf course views.

Being higher in terms of population, you will also enjoy up to 4 lifts in each of the 3 blocks which is not available in Block A. To get into the apartments the front entrance is located just beside Petronas Station of Brinchang which faces the main road. This is where you will be able to walk towards the shops and stores nearby the station. There is however an alternative entrance and exit on the opposite side of the apartment which gives you another access to other parts of Brinchang town.

Return on investment

As with most property in Cameron Highlands, coupled with the strategic and exclusivity of Crown Imperial Court Apartments, you can be assure that returns on your investment would increase every year. This is a proven fact with property in Cameron Highlands and hence you will surely enjoy the returns if you are investing in the property. However, if you are buying it to stay here, you can also be more than happy to know that your property is very much demanded in the market.

As owners of any unit in Crown Imperial Court apartments, you can also choose to rent your unit to the developer or the hotel management who will lease out the unit to any type of inquiries or needs of tourists and visitors to Cameron Highlands. As part of the exchange, you will enjoy up to 10 days of free stays in your own unit each year. With such demand and the rising cost of property in Cameron Highlands as well as around the country, all the units in Crown Imperial Court Apartments have since been sold.