Robinson Falls/Parit Falls


The rich vegetation and rainforests around Cameron Highlands are among the locations that one must visit when coming to this highland town. This is where you can enjoy the relaxing sounds of the water gushing down the rocks while trekking into the deep forests here. There are 2 main waterfalls here which are The Robinson Falls and the Parit Falls.

Robinson Falls

The Robinson Falls is located within the Tanah Rata enclave. You can get here from the jungle trail coming in from the bus terminal of the town centre which is located along the main road. From there, you need to go past Century Pines Resort which will bring you towards a small bridge. That will then take you to the falls where you will then need to trek for about 10 minutes. Then, you will be approaching Robinson Falls as you will start hearing the first sounds of gushing water hitting the large rocks along the way. Robinson Falls is a great place to unwind but if you are in for the adventure because you can hang out for a while or alternatively, you can continue on to try and reach Gunung Beremban through the jungle trail that goes from here.

Parit Falls

The Parit Falls meanwhile is located not far from here. It is smaller as compared to Robinsons Fall. It is located in Tanah Rata as well where you can start from the Century Pines Resort towards the Old Smokehouse. From there, you will have to trek uphill where you will reach a tower which gives you a great view of the surroundings. Nestled within Kampung Taman Sedia, getting to Parit falls can be quite interesting as you would be seeing a lot of different flora and fauna along the way while enjoying the cool weather before reaching this relaxation haven.