Strawberry Farms


No other place in Malaysia has the perfect climate and environment to grow strawberries like Cameron Highlands. As such, strawberry farms remain as one of the major attractions here.

Kok Lim Strawberry Farm

The Kok Lim Strawberry Farm is located in Brinchang. It is a very popular tourist destination here which is one of the largest farms in Cameron. Located not far from the main road outside Brinchang town, it houses a lot of strawberries as well as many other facilities. This includes a shopping gallery, a vintage café and a vegetable market where there are fresh produce on sale each day. Meanwhile, the Time Tunnel museum is located here as well.

S’Corner Central Market

The S’Corner Central Market is located in Kea Farm. It is a strawberry farm which grows mushrooms as well. Here is where there is a vegetable market and several souvenir shops while visitors can enjoy the local and traditional style of enjoying coffee or tea or the local delicacies served in the shops here.

Big Red Strawberry Farm

Located on a steep hill slope that overlooks Brinchang, the Big Red Strawberry Farm is a farm known for this fruit as well as for organic vegetables. Known as Taman Agro Tourism, it houses a products shop, a café and strawberry picking activities.

Raaju’s Hill Strawberry Farm

Not far from Brinchang town is Raaju’s Hill which is located on a ridge-top at Kea Farm. Visitors can pick strawberries by weight while there are fresh produce on sale each day. Besides that, there is a café here that serves snacks, a wide selection of pastries and the local tea.

Blueberry Earthouse

Located in Brinchang, the Blueberry Earthouse is one of the main strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands. Located not far from Kea Farm, Bluberry Earthouse does grow some vegetables as well while as the name implies grow blueberries too. Visitors are able to enjoy the strawberries here while picking the ripe ones as well.