Tea Plantations


The cool and pristine weather in Cameron Highlands makes this place an ideal location for many types of natural produce like vegetables and tea. There are several tea plantations here which make Cameron Highlands such a distinctive tourist destination. As such, anyone visiting this highland must make a trip into one of the plantations to learn about the tea growing and making process while enjoying a sip of premium tea amidst the highlands.

Boh Tea Plantation

Boh is perhaps the most popular local brands when it comes to tea. Operated by BOH plantations, it is the leading company in Malaysia with 3 large plantations in Cameron Highlands itself and another in Selangor. In Cameron, Boh is produced through Boh Plantations, one in Sungai Palas and another around Fairlie Garden. The Sungai Palas Tea Estate is located further north from Brinchang town that includes the Sungai Palas Visitor Centre and a Tea Center that offers a wide range of products and services related to tea plantation here.

Fairlie Garden Plantation

Meanwhile, the Fairlie Garden plantation is located in Habu in Ringlet town not far from Brinchang. BOH has been around since the early nineties when it was established by an English businessman, JA Russell. He saw the potential of growing tea here due to its climate and mineral-rich soil that inspired him to make use of this environment. The Habu land here was then purchased and planting of the tea started and grew by leaps and bounds ever since.

Bharat Tea Plantation

The second largest tea producer in Cameron Highlands is operated by the Bharat Tea Plantation, otherwise known as the Cameron Valley Tea Plantation. This setup was started back in 1933 and remains one of the most popular tea brands known as ‘Cameron Valley’ loved by Malaysians across the country. Located along the main road in Tanah Rata, this plantation remains the most visited by tourists.