Towns in Cameron Highlands


Within Cameron Highlands, there are a few major towns which are commonly frequented by visitors while there are several other smaller ones as well. As one of the most popular hill resorts in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is known to have a very strong English village character to it despite the rapid development in recent years.

The 3 major towns here are Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang, all of which have their own respective amenities and facilities. Besides that, there are smaller towns here like Tringkap and Kampung Raja, among others.

Ringlet Town

Ringlet is the first town that you will reach if you are coming to Cameron Highlands through the Tapah road. This is a welcoming sight especially for those who have travelled through the long and winding road for over an hour coming up from the foot of the highlands. Among the few major towns, Ringlet is known to be the quietest. It is the main agricultural hub where the Bertam Valley is located not far from here as well.

Tanah Rata Town

After Ringlet, you will get to Tanah Rata which is the main administrative centre of Cameron Highlands. Tanah Rata is the local phrase for ‘flat land’ which is used to illustrate its natural flat environment here which is why it is such a popular place among visitors. Tanah Rata is where the main transportation hub is in which the bus and taxi terminal is located. Besides that, there are several hotels, resorts, apartments and budget accommodation options here for visitors and tourists to choose from.

Tanah Rata has a very balanced and complete eco-system where there are schools and police station, clinics and a hospital within its vicinity. The shops here offer all types of food while services like money changers, banks and travel agents are available as well. For those who like to venture into the forest can do so through the jungle trails here.


While Tanah Rata is known for its services, Brinchang is a great place for food and entertainment. This is the busiest place in Cameron Highlands and is within minutes from Tanah Rata. Brinchang is the second largest town here where it is home to the very popular Night Market. Besides that, there are hotels and all types of food choices here. Brinchang is the gateway that leads to many of the attractions in Cameron Highlands like the vegetable farms, tea plantations, strawberry farms and others.

Sungai Palas, Kea Farm, Tringkap, Kampung Raja

Apart from the 3 major towns of Cameron Highlands, there are several other smaller towns like Sungai Palas, Kea Farm, Trinkap and Kampung Raja.

Sungai Palas is located not far from Brinchang town and is quite near to Kea Farm. This tea plantation area is actually owned and operated by Boh Plantations, the largest tea producer here. Meanwhile, Kea Farm is located around the northern region of Brinchang and is the town you will arrive to before reaching Tringkap. There is a very popular vegetable market here which sells fresh produce and other items while the Ee Feng Gu and Butterfly Garden are located here as well.

Tringkap is known for its farming community where travelling across the town will bring you to the stalls along the roads that sell the local products. Located about 5 minutes away from Brinchang, it is known for its quieter environment as Tringkap is still not as developed as other major towns like Brinchang and Tanah Rata. Meanwhile, Kampung Raja is located towards the tail end of Cameron Highlands. If you are travelling here from the north, this is the first town you will arrive at and the last stop if you are heading out to Ipoh and other towns in that direction.